Telework related

According to surveys, it seems that telework, which has been promoted for the Olympics, has accelerated in relation to coronaviruses, and according to research, it is not so.
It is difficult to set up the environment right now, and it is good to promote unfamiliar telework, but there are some situations where security is not guaranteed.
If there is one month of emergency declaration, there are not many places to endure by mobile phone and email.
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Despite the decision to postpone the Olympics, suffering of unknown corona end

The postponement has been decided, but the problems are piled up.
There is no choice but to solve each one, but it seems safe to use the ticket for the time being.
It seems that there is a problem of what happens to 2 years old due to postponement of tickets.
A new schedule has been set for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which have been postponed due to the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus. Continue reading “Despite the decision to postpone the Olympics, suffering of unknown corona end”

Accommodation during the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Survey results from a travel information service provider.
Accommodations in Tokyo seem to have risen 3.2 times during the Olympics and 1.5 times during the Paralympics compared to 2019.
If the number of facilities that can be booked online increases in the future, the price is expected to drop temporarily, but it will be difficult to determine.

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5G infrastructure development in Japan

Communications infrastructure 5G will be fully launched this year.
In relation to various things, Mitsubishi Electric and NTT Docomo, which have been subjected to cyber attacks, are conducting surveillance camera service demonstrations, and Russia’s spy incident has been involved in Russia’s development situation, and we can already hear the preparatory battle of 5G cyber attacks.

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Security-related events postponed or canceled due to coronavirus

Security-related events such as BlackHat Asia 2020, DEFCON China 2.0, and Cisco Live have been delayed or canceled due to the effects of coronavirus.
RSAConference2020, which will be held from February 24 to 28, also has some company cancellations.
In the situation where multiple infections of coronavirus have been confirmed in Japan, we are worried that the event will be affected by torch relays and other Olympic-related events in Japan.

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