A sense of crisis in securing human resources for cyber attacks What is the preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?

There was a shortage of talent, so there was a story like to let volunteers protect you, but what happened?

Olympic games that attract world attention seems to be a good target for cyber attacks. “The Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020,” ICT Olympic Games “” and “ICT” as keywords Japan is starting to move all at once. We are planning to aim to become the “world’s highest standard” ICT nation by implementing ultra high-speed broadband, wireless broadband (5G · WiFi) and high-definition broadcasting of 4K 8K. Under such circumstances, how to repel “cyber attack” is Japan’s biggest problem.


Does the Tokyo Olympic piggy-backed fishing email send to 174,000 people

There are voices of some fabrication but the truth is in the darkness (only on the dark web)

It seems that attacks that were piggybacked on the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2020 were actually deployed. The attacker claims to have sent phishing mail to over 170,000 people including Japan and the United States, he said. According to the information Antuit observed on the dark web, the attacker plans five attack campaigns. It is said that phishing mail has been sent to 174,000 people such as business users and consumers in Japan and the United States. However, according to experts ( https://twitter.com/58_158_177_102/status/1065050385990135808 ), the sender There are voices that doubt the credibility of the article, such as the e-mail address can be obtained.


Is not there any big difference between Japan Olympic Officer who is in charge of cyber security and rice which does not use PC?

Because there were too many criticisms, it seems that he went to a PC classroom w

In October Mr. Sakurada assumed office as cyber security strategy deputy director. Judge the cyber attack counterme Continue reading “Is not there any big difference between Japan Olympic Officer who is in charge of cyber security and rice which does not use PC?”

Tokyo Olympic games, six times the original budget to 2 trillion yen … Compact Olympics broke down, at the Olympics of “subtraction”

I often hear the story that the post-utilization plan of the facility constructed after the closing is not decided, but Japan will be stepping on the same rut ….

Tokyo Olympic Games (Olympic Games) scheduled for 2020 and Paralympic Games tournament expenses and venue development expenses will be expanded to 1.8 trillion yen, six times of the original projected 30.1 billion yen at the end of last year, and the Tokyo metropolitan government Including the maintenance fee after the event, including 224.1 billion yen, it has become clear that it exceeds 2 trillion yen greatly.


Volunteers for the Olympic Games, over 80,000 applicants completed

Speaking of volunteers, there were images that students would use to use for job hunting, but the actual situation seems to be different.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee announced on January 21 that persons who completed the application procedure of the event volunteer exceeded the target of 80 Continue reading “Volunteers for the Olympic Games, over 80,000 applicants completed”