Tokyo Olympics is already under cyber attack

It is said that there are many Koreans left in the source, but it wasn’t as bad as the topic.

“Don’t worry too much that the Tokyo Olympics are dangerous due to cyber attack, because you can do it …”
This is a recent statement to the author by a member of the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games to be held in 2020. The author warned from last year that Tokyo Olympics were already targeted by cyber attackers from interviews with cyber security officials and intelligence officials inside and outside Japan. The people concerned of the Olympics leaked about such articles and remarks like the opening.

Tokyo Olympics ticket “loser revival game” to resell in August

Can I apply for a person who did not apply for the first time?

It is revealed on the 4th that tickets for domestic residents of Tokyo Olympics in 2020 will be re-sold to only those who did not meet even one ticket in the lottery application made by the Organizing Committee in May . The Organizing Committee is coordinating in August in a “Loss Resurrection Battle”, which is accompanied by a large number of winners from popular sports such as swimming and athletics.

Some tips on watching ticket fraud in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Although resale is prohibited, I wonder what kind of mechanism that it is possible to sell to acquaintances.

A ticket lottery for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games was held. As such, when a large number of people are interested and big money moves, internet fraud can also occur. Also on the official site, there is a public notice about watching ticket fraud. Continue reading “Some tips on watching ticket fraud in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics”

160 general companies participate in security exercises of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, can Oripara be protected?

The cyber security exercise “Cyber ​​Colosseum” sponsored by NICT, which started on June 11, will also be studied for a quick initial move and for smooth coordination with related parties.

Japan will have international events held in a row, including the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics (Tokyo 2020 Convention), Continue reading “160 general companies participate in security exercises of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, can Oripara be protected?”

Be careful with the linked lottery result email! Tokyo Olympics tickets will be announced on June 20 lottery results

Please note that all emails containing URLs are fake!

On June 13th, the Tokyo official cyber security task force’s Twitter official account “@ MPD_cybersec” called attention to fake emails of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games (Tokyo Olympics).
The tickets for the Tokyo Olympics are reserved by reservation application, and the lottery is currently in progress, and the lottery results will be announced from June 20. On the other hand, it is expected that various spam emails will be circulated by taking advantage of this. Such spam emails should try to abuse the links and attachments.
However, there is no description of the URL in the lottery result email. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is calling for caution as a fake if it is written that “The winning result is click on the following URL”, “Please call immediately”, “Pay money to the following account”, etc.
The person who applied does not click the link in the email even if the link is described in the mail, and directly accesses the Tokyo 2020 official ticket sales site “”, and the result on the my ticket page please confirm.

About trial summary (plan) of the summer of 2019 for traffic measures of Tokyo Olympics Paralympic Games

I hope the train is open during the intensive effort period.

Set goals for the competition and set a period for comprehensive testing of traffic congestion mitigation efforts
A period equivalent to the period of Ori-Para is considered as a concentrated effort period, and companies are asked to give priority to efforts
At Challenge Week and Core Day, which will bring the peak of each company’s efforts, we will measure the effects

Public opinion poll on the 57th prefectural government About safety measures of cyber space

40% of those who think that “A fake public wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) has been installed, and the password etc. of those who have been connected without being aware of it or the virus etc. are likely to occur” I was surprised to be there.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games will have eight competitions in Chiba Prefecture. During the tournament, there is a concern that so-called cyber attacks such as computer virus infection and hacking on personal computers and systems of many administrative agencies and companies for the purpose of social confusion and information theft etc. , Measures to prevent this will be important. Continue reading “Public opinion poll on the 57th prefectural government About safety measures of cyber space”