To solve the “beer problem” of the Rugby World Cup.

On August 3rd, Lipovitan D Challenge Cup Japan vs. Tonga played a lot of beer vendors, and it seemed a lot of excitement.
The Fiji game in Kamaishi in July seems to have sold out and could not keep up with the supply.
In the World Cup, which is gradually phased out and starts in September, it would be nice to have an environment where you can drink cold draft beer while sitting and watching to the end.

Rugby World Cup “beer problem” to solve the sales place in the audience
In the Hanazono Rugby Field (Higashi-Osaka City) where the Rugby Pacific Nations Cup, where the Japanese national team won the Tonga national team, was held, a “seller” was introduced to sell beer by hand at the audience seats.

There seems to be news that beer will disappear from the town in the past, although rugby fans’ beer consumption seems not to be hampa, but Kirin beer produced by Heineken beer of World Cup World Partner is never allowed to run out Isn’t the only worrying thing is that you don’t drink too much?

Beer disappears from the town at the Rugby World Cup “Do not cut beer” An unusual call in the host city

Rugby World Cup beer company’s absolutely unbeatable battle

I want to taste not only Heineken but also the representative beers of participating countries at this opportunity, while learning about how much consumption has been consumed and how much it was consumed in past competitions.

Mass consumption of beer at the Rugby World Cup! ? Introducing restaurant measures and beer from participating countries

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2020 likely to be the target of cyber attacks from around the world

Given that an attacker can create a large number of malware variants by using AI, the defender is not too inclined to use AI, but it is necessary to recognize that AI itself is also exposed to attacks. .

Awareness reform required of companies
“Cyber ​​attack”, which is a hot topic in many media, is suffering from various types of damage, including small companies and large companies with large IT budgets. In recent years, with the progress of AI technology, the method has become more sophisticated and sophisticated.

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Rapid expansion of cashless settlement before the Olympics

It is good if it does not become the second dance of 7 …

The discovery of a series of fraudulent use of smartphone payments has again brought to light the safety risks from the rapid expansion of cashless payment providers. In addition to the government’s promotion measures, the movement to capture the rapidly increasing number of visitors to Japan toward the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020 has led to a proliferation of payment methods and vendors. Continue reading “Rapid expansion of cashless settlement before the Olympics”

Watch for free! Apply for the Tokyo Olympics present campaign and win a ticket

Do you have a 20% return campaign, or do you register a d account?

Official partners of the Tokyo Olympics have a campaign to win tickets for tickets and goods. Even if you buy a product and apply for it, you are lucky if you can buy something you always use regularly. There are also things that can be applied for free!
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The attack that took advantage of the Olympics began

I want to make daily OSINT more efficient. Summary Sites are very useful as a starting point, but they require a lot of cost, such as primary source validation, to determine the authenticity of the information provided.

The security cluster for June 2019 includes “Olympic ticket lottery and attack”, “High-priced auction targeting the domain of Circle K Sunkus”, “Government’s” e-Gov “Web site for https”, Continue reading “The attack that took advantage of the Olympics began”

Traffic measures for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Road regulation summary of July 24/26

Be careful because some expressways are restricted!

The Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee (Organization Committee of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be held on July 24 as part of the examination of traffic measures during the Tokyo Olympics, which will start on July 24, 2020. Conduct a trial of TSM (Transportation System Management) on both days of July 26.
TSM is a management method that maintains traffic smoothly by adjusting traffic volume by performing effective regulation such as inflow adjustment of expressways and traffic measures of general roads at places where traffic congestion is assumed. As announced by the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee on June 19 (related article: “The Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee will carry out traffic regulation trials with an eye on the performance on July 24/26, 2019. July 22-9, Traffic congestion alleviation trial on June 6), July 24 one year before the opening of the Olympics and 26th, which is Friday when traffic volume will increase, regulation of general roads and expressways will be carried out.

Tokyo Olympics ticket “second chance” hundreds of thousands sold

Unsold sale of the name called second chance.

It is limited to the person who applied for the first lottery and can not participate. Even if you win the first prize, you can not participate if you miss the purchase. You can only apply for one frame of one competition. The tickets for sale are unsold as primary, and the game is less than 1x. For example, it is expected that there will be a lot of qualifying of ball games such as soccer with a seating capacity of tens of thousands, and a lot of qualifying rounds. It is not likely to sell the popular opening and closing ceremonies and medal games.

Tokyo 2020 official license product “chocolate snacks” July 23 new release

If you wonder why mushrooms and bamboo shoots, Meiji is a sponsor.

Meiji Co., Ltd. (Chairman: Katsuya Matsuda) is the first chocolate product in the Tokyo 2020 Official Licensed Product to be registered as a chocolate snack, one year before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, July 23, 2019 We will release from the country. Continue reading “Tokyo 2020 official license product “chocolate snacks” July 23 new release”

Tokyo Olympics is already under cyber attack

It is said that there are many Koreans left in the source, but it wasn’t as bad as the topic.

“Don’t worry too much that the Tokyo Olympics are dangerous due to cyber attack, because you can do it …”
This is a recent statement to the author by a member of the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games to be held in 2020. The author warned from last year that Tokyo Olympics were already targeted by cyber attackers from interviews with cyber security officials and intelligence officials inside and outside Japan. The people concerned of the Olympics leaked about such articles and remarks like the opening.