Confusing mark Japan.Free Wi-Fi and Japan.TAX-Free Shop

Although it should have been introduced as a free Wi-Fi common symbol mark, it is the duty-free shop symbol mark that gets in the eye.
For foreign tourists, I think both are effective, but they are confusing because they look the same.


Efforts to strengthen publicity and publicity of free public wireless LAN environment for foreign tourists visiting Japan -Decision on common symbol mark (Japan. Free Wi-Fi)-

Duty-free shop symbol mark

Free public wireless LAN spot posting site for foreign tourists visiting Japan

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Exclude risky personnel by background check

Backlining is important, but physical access control based on checks is also important.

Application requirements for volunteer staff

Volunteer power is essential for sports events such as the Tokyo Marathon and Yokohama Marathon. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games (hereinafter referred to as the Tokyo 2020 Games), an international super-big event, recruiting 80,000 event volunteers directly involved in the operation of the event and 30,000 city volunteers for sightseeing and transportation guidance doing. Continue reading “Exclude risky personnel by background check”