160 general companies participate in security exercises of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, can Oripara be protected?

The cyber security exercise “Cyber ​​Colosseum” sponsored by NICT, which started on June 11, will also be studied for a quick initial move and for smooth coordination with related parties.

Japan will have international events held in a row, including the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics (Tokyo 2020 Convention), which will be held in 2020. Security measures are essential for events that are attracting attention from around the world.

International events are easily targeted by cyber attacks. “At the 2012 London Olympics, there were 220 million DoS attacks during the two weeks of the tournament. The attacks were successful, and in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games, the targeted attacks were not only the tournament headquarters but also the tournament It extends to general companies that support Hiroyuki Sakai, executive director of Fujitsu and director of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Promotion Headquarters, spoke of the past “attacks”. Even in the Tokyo 2020 Games, cyber attacks are inevitable.


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