Be careful with the linked lottery result email! Tokyo Olympics tickets will be announced on June 20 lottery results

Please note that all emails containing URLs are fake!

On June 13th, the Tokyo official cyber security task force’s Twitter official account “@ MPD_cybersec” called attention to fake emails of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games (Tokyo Olympics).
The tickets for the Tokyo Olympics are reserved by reservation application, and the lottery is currently in progress, and the lottery results will be announced from June 20. On the other hand, it is expected that various spam emails will be circulated by taking advantage of this. Such spam emails should try to abuse the links and attachments.
However, there is no description of the URL in the lottery result email. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is calling for caution as a fake if it is written that “The winning result is click on the following URL”, “Please call immediately”, “Pay money to the following account”, etc.
The person who applied does not click the link in the email even if the link is described in the mail, and directly accesses the Tokyo 2020 official ticket sales site “”, and the result on the my ticket page please confirm.

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