Approximately 1000 similar domains in Tokyo Olympics-Regular site or carefully check

Is phishing email coming in time too?

The lottery for the spectator tickets for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games has begun, and opportunities to access the official site have increased, but it has been found that a large number of domains similar to the official site have been acquired.
The purpose of use is unclear, but it can be exploited for financial fraud and phishing attacks, and security researchers are calling for caution.
The research group of Prof. Tatsuya Mori of Waseda University investigated the registration status of domains similar to the domain “tokyo” used by the tournament, and summarized the results.
Specifically, for zone files in the top level domain of 1358, the registration status of domains including both of the character strings “tokyo” and “2020” in random order was examined.
As of May 27, 956 domains apply to the conditions. In terms of top-level domains, the number of “.com” domains stands out at 404: “.tokyo (189)”, “.org (95)”, “.net (68)” and “.info (44)” “Followed.

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