Coronavirus countermeasures, cyber attacks, ticket refunds, Olympic re-invitation and what happens at the Tokyo Olympics November is one nodule

The Olympic Games Promotion Headquarters was held on October 23, demonstrating that it had overcome the coronavirus and showed its enthusiasm to hold the Olympic Games.
On the other hand, ticket refunds are scheduled to start around November 10, and it is necessary to pay close attention to the reduction of seats that may be done to secure social distance in relation to ticket fraud and holding in Corona.
Although details related to cyber attacks have not been disclosed, the British government is conducting cyber attacks on related organizations, logistics companies and sponsors before the tournament is postponed by Russian intelligence on October 19. Announced.
Information such as the IOC canceling the Tokyo Olympics and inviting it again in 2032 is flowing on some SNS, and there is a possibility that multiple information manipulations by fake news will come out in the future.
We are aiming to reduce costs by simplifying the Olympic Games in September, but with the second wave of Europe still uncertain, there are many problems such as increased costs for coronavirus countermeasures and reduced income due to reduction in the number of watching games. IOC President Bach, who will come to Japan in mid-November, will be paying attention to what will be expressed.

Tokyo Olympic Games / Tokyo Paralympic Games Promotion Headquarters 23olympic.html

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