Preparation for the Tokyo Olympics Sapporo Marathon course

The Tokyo Olympic marathon course was repaired, and it seems that there will be a visit in August.
From now on, the course measurement and the last mile measures will be progressed one after another, and compared to the slapstick drama of last year, it seems that the system will be perfect.

New dates for Olympic marathon and racewalk< /a>

Even at the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics… The marathon course is being repaired and kept clean, Sapporo City, Hokkaido

The Sapporo test competition will be held from March to May, 2009, to discuss the Olympic practitioners

Test competition to be held next spring Sapporo course measurement within the year-Tokyo Olympics Marathon

Marathon & Racewalk held in Sapporo in August Organizing Committee visits 2020/06/24/kiji/20200623s00057000424000c.html

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