The social distance for the Olympics is full of problems

Although there are many cases where it will be materialized for the Tokyo Olympics, it may affect not only the audience but also the sports in which players directly contact each other.
Since the spectators also keep the distance between spectators, it is important to solve each problem such as whether it can be treated only by changing the seat position of the tickets already sold and the three dense measures in the last mile between moves.
It may be a good opportunity to think positively and review various ways.

“Also amend rules without sleeping skills…” “dense contact” Judo and the sense of crisis in the Tokyo Olympics
The Tokyo Olympics are far away. Although the postponement of one year has been decided, there are many problems to be solved in order to hold the Olympics next year. Contact sports, such as judo, are in even more difficult situations, and we have not yet found a way out.

Tokyo Olympics, simplification plan to avoid cancellation

The gym at the Wiscorona era will be like this /world/00010/?P=1

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