New Corona “contact confirmation app” source code released

The source code of the contact confirmation application that has been developed so far is released.
In order to prevent app clustering, there is only one app in each country that can use the Apple-Google method API, so it seems that introduction in Japan is still ahead.

The Code for Japan general corporate body on the 18th, the source code of the “contact confirmation application” that notifies the possibility of a heavy contact with a new coronavirus infected person using the short-distance wireless communication “Bluetooth (Bluetooth)” function of the smartphone Published. It is available from the source code sharing service “GitHub”. The purpose is to widely share the results of the studies so far as knowledge.

Source code of contact confirmation app released (Code for Japan press release)

The 3rd New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Tech Team Anti-Covid-19 Tech Team Held
About approach for introduction of contact confirmation application (plan) techteam_20200508_01.pdf

Apple-Google method or aggregate in country Track new corona infection with smartphone news027.html

French government releases part of source code for contact tracking app
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