How will the Tokyo Olympic Games be held next summer?

Some people are skeptical about whether the Olympic Games scheduled for next year can be done or not, while the coronavirus is hard to settle.
At the time of the event, there are some things that Japan says that the IOC will not be able to pay additional costs or postpone it, but there are doubts as to how reliable it can be.
In order to hold the event with peace of mind, I definitely need a vaccine.

Chairman of Japan Medical Association Yoshitake Yokokura of the Japan Medical Association announced “Medical crisis situation declaration” without waiting for the government’s declaration of emergency due to the spread of new coronavirus infection. We interviewed Asahi Shimbun on Sunday. Mr. Yokokura acknowledged that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which were postponed to next summer, would not be held unless a vaccine was developed.

It is impossible to hold the Tokyo Olympics one year later, and the reason for deciding to cancel immediately

“IOC’s responsibility is unavoidable” Japanese media sympathetic to Japan “Possibility of a serious recession … nevertheless the Olympic costs are double the initial cost” CK2020042402100094.html

Tokyo Olympics, if it can not be held next summer, it will be completely canceled or “The Japanese side said that it can not be postponed for more than a year” IOC

Tokyo Olympic Games In July 2021 Or Never, Says IOC Member Dick Pound Urging Athlete Patience

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