What is the new Corona contact tracking app?

An infection tracking app developed to prevent you from becoming a close contact with a person infected with coronavirus.
Some of them seemed to be easy to understand, so please refer to them.
There are quite a few privacy issues, but the development side seems to be developing to be okay, but it is troublesome if the development is too vulnerable.
In Japan, products developed in Singapore and those that meet Apple and Google standards are under development, and it seems that they will be provided around the beginning of May.
I hope it doesn’t become a surveillance system as it is.
One of the best tools we can use to slow the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), as I’ve heard it, is Contact Tracing. But what exactly is contact tracking, who does it, how it does it, and is it necessary to worry about it?
https://jp.techcrunch.com/2020/04 / 20 / 2020-04-18-what-is-contract-tracing /

What is contact tracing?
https://techcrunch.com/2020/04/18/what-is-contract-tracing /

Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing (a tool developed by Apple and google)

Will Google ’s and Apple ’s COVID Tracking Plan ProtectPrivacy? (Explanation of tool operation)
https: // themarkup. org / ask-the-markup / 2020/04/14 / will-googles-and-apples-covid-tracking-plan-protect-privacy

It will tell you the rich contact of the new Corona! Code for Japan to develop tracking application (developing Japanese version of tracking application)

Proposed government coronavirus tracking app falls at the first hurdle due to data breach (Problems with the app proposed to the Dutch government)
https: // www .zdnet.com / article / proposed-government-coronavirus-app-falls-at-the-first-hurdle-due-to-data-breach /

The AI-based national surveillance system that evolves in after-corona

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