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According to surveys, it seems that telework, which has been promoted for the Olympics, has accelerated in relation to coronaviruses, and according to research, it is not so.
It is difficult to set up the environment right now, and it is good to promote unfamiliar telework, but there are some situations where security is not guaranteed.
If there is one month of emergency declaration, there are not many places to endure by mobile phone and email.
Telework only 5.6%, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announces LINE’s “ New Corona National Survey ”
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has announced the results of the first “National Survey on New Corona Measures” conducted at LINE from March 31 to April 1.
85.6% of the respondents who responded that they are “hand-washing, gargle, or disinfecting their hands and fingers with alcohol” are taking basic preventive measures. However, only 73.7% of respondents avoided avoiding “three densities” of crowding, close contact, and hermeticity, and only 32.8% said that they “avoid talking at close distances with other people”. In addition, 5.6% of the respondents answered that “work is teleworking”, leaving issues to be addressed. 5-6-line.html

Telework tool “Zoom” attracting attention in emergency declaration its cruel aspect

Why Zoom’s Security Issues Can’t Be Corrected Just by Fixing Vulnerabilities news027.html

It turns out that some of the encryption keys of the online video conferencing application “ Zoom ” are issued from “ China server ”, vulnerable to “ standby room ” function /

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