Accommodation during the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Survey results from a travel information service provider.
Accommodations in Tokyo seem to have risen 3.2 times during the Olympics and 1.5 times during the Paralympics compared to 2019.
If the number of facilities that can be booked online increases in the future, the price is expected to drop temporarily, but it will be difficult to determine.

Atta Co., Ltd. (has headquarters: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihisa Haruyama), which operates a travel service “atta” that uses big data and AI, will run during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. We investigated the room rates and availability of online reservations. Utilizing big data, analyzing the accommodation fee in Tokyo and comparing it with the same day in 2019, the Olympic period (Friday, July 24-Sunday, August 9 2020) was 3.2 times, During the Paralympic Games (August 25 (Tue)-September 6 (Sun) 2020), room rates increased 1.5 times.

During the Olympics, hotel rates in Tokyo will rise 3.2 times, mainly in the Kanto region

Impact of the Tokyo Olympics on domestic travel

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