Preparation for the Tokyo Olympics

The preparations for the Olympics are steadily advancing under the influence of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but the final athlete selection competition is also being affected.
Although the IOC is on schedule, if the spread of infection continues in various countries as it is, Japan will converge but there will be no players.

The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) has instructed teams in various sports to coordinate and prepare for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics as scheduled.

Team USA Tells Athletes to Proceed as Planned for Tokyo Olympics

A big hit against Chinese players with the new virus, practice in a mask to participate in the Olympics

What effect will the new virus have on the Tokyo Olympics?

Russian and Paralympic Committee expects 300 Russian players to participate in Tokyo 2020

[New pneumonia] Tokyo Olympics held, in time? London calls for alternative

New type of pneumonia anxiety 懸念 Concerns abroad from holding Tokyo Olympics Korean newspaper “Red Light”, Thai newspaper “Reconsider”

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