Cyber ​​Security Countermeasures Conference

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry requested each electric power company to prepare for cyber attacks.
In response, the Federation of Electric Power Companies will set up the Power Cyber ​​Security Countermeasures Committee to share information and take specific measures.

Meeting on cyber attack countermeasures, thorough power supply at METI Olympics
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) held a cyber attack countermeasure meeting on the 14th to ensure the power supply at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The presidents of major electric power companies nationwide will attend to share the status of responses and improve security. < / a>

Power Cyber ​​Security Countermeasures Conference 20200214007.html

Call for strengthened cyber measures Olympics power companies-Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Establishment of “Electricity Cyber ​​Security Measures Committee” about_us / pr / oshirase / __ icsFiles / afieldfile / 2020/02/14 / press_20200214_a.pdf

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