Tokyo Olympics does not consider cancellation or postponement of new virus

Mr. Mori has stated that he will not consider it as the hoax information on the suspension of the Tokyo Olympics spreads with the new coronavirus.
However, we have been worried for some time about the recent marathon-related demands, including requests for self-restraint.

Mori Mori, Organizing Committee, “No consideration for suspension or postponement of new Olympic virus”
IOC = International Olympic Committee confirming the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics and office negotiations by the Olympic Organizing Committee have started, and Mori will proceed with response to a new type of coronavirus that is spreading. He reiterated his policy and emphasized that “irresponsible rumors have been announced that the Tokyo Games will be canceled, but no cancellation or postponement has been considered.” < / a>

New type pneumonia “respond calmly” IOC and Organizing Committee negotiate office work-Tokyo Olympics

Kumamon is prohibited from touching Chinese residents. Kumamoto Castle Marathon

Kitakyushu marathon self-control request < / a>

Request to refrain from participating in the Kyoto Marathon New Type Pneumonia

Japan’s marathon contest, successive requests from China for self-restraint = What is the reaction of China Net?

Governor Koike “results in self-restraint” … Tokyo marathon, runners in China will be treated next year

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