Announcement of infectious diseases to watch for Tokyo Olympics and Paras, including new coronaviruses Japanese Society of Infectious Diseases

Real virus measures related.
Countermeasures seem to be OK with normal infectious disease control such as hand washing, alcohol disinfection, and mask.
It is expected that many tourists will come to China during the long holidays, but don’t forget the hospitality spirit rather than excessive response.

In preparation for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the Japan Society for Infectious Diseases will publish a list of infectious diseases to watch out for, and if a new coronavirus that spreads in China and other countries is further confirmed in Japan, an opportunity for large numbers of people to gather He called for thorough precautionary measures, such as hand-washing, as there is a possibility that the situation will spread. < / a>

[Infection prevention]
New Coronavirus Asks Experts in Japan to Confirm Infection “How to Prevent?”

New Coronavirus Infections: What is the current situation in Japan and what measures are needed?
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