Will my number “25% reduction” become big?

Matters being considered for economic measures after the Olympics.
It seems that a maximum of 25% will be returned with my number and cashless payment linked.
First of all, it seems that there are many things to do, such as creating a My Number card and creating a My Key ID associated with the card, but we are closely watching what will happen in the future in terms of security such as information management and mobile application abuse.
I just pray that I won’t become the second dance of ○○○ pay because I was in a hurry.

While discussions on budgeting and new large-scale economic measures are proceeding next year, a 25% point return is being considered for people with My Number Cards after September 2020.

The budget size is 250 billion yen. As concerns about the economic downturn after the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, it is a proposal that came up in consideration of whether or not to continue the pointless business of cashless settlement that started in October this year as a countermeasure. The point return business is scheduled to end in June 2020.

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