[G-Star 2019] Conference report on “Research on e-sport policy in Korea”. To realize the Olympic event

There is a debate about whether it is a game or a sport, but considering the continuity of the same competition, I feel that it is difficult if the same content and records are e-sports.
There are inheritances on the system, but what do you do with World Records, Olympic Records, and record holders?

“G-CON × IGC” is a conference held concurrently with G-Star 2019, a game show currently being held in Busan, Korea. There are various lectures, among them, “Research on e-sport policy in Korea”.
From the perspective of Japan, Korea is an advanced esports country, has one of the most powerful teams in the world, and the market is enormous, but in fact it seems to have the same problems.
The speaker was Lee Jen Eun of Korea Central University, who talked about what is necessary for e-sports to become the official event of the Olympics.

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