Cyber crime of ‘AI v. AI’ waiting for Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020

The era is people vs people, people vsAI to AIvsAI?
The web route of a US-based security company has released a report that summarizes the trends and future prospects for the 2018 security threat. According to the report, three keywords of “IoT equipment” “cyber terrorism” “2020 Tokyo Olympic Games” are cited as the keywords of concern about security threats.

Huawei Technology (Huawei) affiliated company Want to acquire other company information Bonus payment?

Will it be suspended in Japan?

The American judicial authorities indicted China’s telecommunications equipment giant, Vice Chairman of Huawei and Huawei as a corporation, for crimes of stealing fraud and trade secrets. The judicial authorities are trying to elucidate the actual situation by thinking that Huawei was systematically trying to steal trade secrets, such as providing special bonuses to stolen information from other companies.